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I started out as a satellite TV skeptic. In my estimation, cable television service, with its reliable feed and impressive selection of programming (which far exceeded the selections offered solely on local networks) seemed genuinely more than adequate.My husband, however, was sincerely convinced (and thus, successfully convincing) in the opinion that satellite television signals delivered vastly superior televised entertainment, with far more reliable consistency, not to mention their infinitely greater assortment of quality channels.Many of us really don’t have enough of an emotional investment in the hobby of TV watching for such technological debates to warrant any significant degree of discussion, so I readily acquiesced. In no time at all there was a compact satellite installed above the southeast corner of the garage, pointing due south so as to effectively receive all those superior satellite transmissions.Years went by and the only big change I can honestly admit to noticing was that I wrote a check for a slightly higher amount than I’d previously paid out for cable each month. During the months when the TV package included special sporting feeds, that invoice crept higher. I remained unimpressed.Amidst regular diatribes on the superiority of satellite television and its positive impact on society in general, I remained respectfully silent. (My grandmother was a great fan of the phrase, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” She was a rather quiet woman). Anyway…Eventually the day came, five years or so after satellite TV became a regular part of our family, that we invested in a new television. This larger (36 inch) model with its LCD panel and high definition capabilities is entirely a different species from the 19 inch vintage television that had not done justice to the wonders of satellite TV reception.Suddenly (you have to now imagine the heavens opening and a faint choral hymn resounding from somewhere in the great beyond — possibly the same locale from which satellite television signals originate) I was able to see, clearly and most agreeably, the indisputable quality of satellite television.Investing in equipment that is able to effectively support and make use of our in-home technology services is of utmost importance. We get the most out of modern technology only when the equipment used in conjunction with the services is as current (or close to it) as the technological capabilities themselves.Having an up to date television in tandem with satellite TV is astoundingly entertaining. You get more out of the experience of watching films, educational documentaries make you feel as if you’re actually taking part in the adventure, and musical programs, with their increased visual clarity and optimal audio quality, let the viewer appreciate a true concert-like experience. And, as any fan of athletic competitions can tell you, the detail and excitement of sports programming makes you feel almost as if you’ve got front row seats to the real life action.Upgrading to a quality TV made me a true believer in the beauty of satellite television!

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One of the easiest expenses for most families to reduce is the entertainment budget. It is possible for the average family to keep themselves entertained and save hundreds of dollars on entertainment every year.One of the biggest interest costs many families have is satellite or cable TV which can cost around $100 a month. Most of us have got satellite or cable TV because there was little or nothing to watch on broadcast television. Unfortunately, free broadcast TV in most of the US is getting worse than ever but there are some healthy alternatives.DVD and Blue Ray players, offer some of the best entertainment available with almost every movie and TV spectacle ever made, now available on disk. This means that there’s a virtually unlimited supply of interest available through these technologies at little or no cost.In most communities the public library now carries a large selection of DVDs, these may include many different movies and TV shows. These discs are available to library patrons who are willing to follow the rules, it is also possible to secure rentals you can pick them up at your local library.Libraries do not just have discs present many of them also supply video games and music CDs. This means that the public library can provide most of your family’s enjoyment for free.Another great source of cheap entertainment is the Red Box and other video rental machines found in many supermarkets. These machines rental DVDs for a remarkably low price, usually a dollar; and they do not charge late fees. Such machines are reasonable and extremely easy to use.There are also services such as Netflix which take DVDs to your home for a modest fee, these services, are reasonable, rentals usually cost about $10 a month, and convenient. One advantage to such services is that the mail carrier brings the album directly to your home. A bigger benefit is that they have a extensive catalogue of DVDs that can be ordered easily on line.Switching from cable to DVD can have some other advantages for parents as well. When they use DVDs parents can have complete control over their children’s entertainment choices.The kids can only see the DVDs the parents want them to see, while this reduces the likelihood of children seeing sexually explicit and or violent programs that parents do not want them to see. It can also keep programming that runs counter to the family’s religious beliefs out of the home.Another option the technologically minded should look into is videos downloaded through the Internet. This is a relatively new technology that is still inconvenient for the average person, but it is getting better.There are quite a few services that make video including free episodes of classic TV shows available online. One problem is that there is no standard practice to transfer video from a computer to a TV set. Fortunately, most recent TV sets have connections for computers.There are also DVD players and video game systems like the X-Box which allow users to play videos downloaded from the net. These systems are sometimes much more expensive but most times they are cheaper than cable.